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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ Our plans soon changed: we realised the scale was too big for the FabLabs to pro
At the beginning, we focused mostly in saving livestock. We saw that most families in the region have their livestock (in different scales) and they were essential for the survival of the people. Having this in mind, we started looking for the most common death causes in Kerala during the floods and we found two that appeared more: the animals would go somewhere where they couldn’t leave and and have no food, so they would die; or the people, fleeing from the flood, would leave the animals locked or tied, so they wouldn’t be able to swim to safety. Those were the starting points of our project for the animals.
![drawing](img/niño salva animales.jpg)
![drawing](img/Niño salva animales.jpg)
Our first idea came when we your at the FabLab in Haugimont. We thought about making a floating structure that would supply food for the animals. It was quite simples: arch-like pieces would be attached to each other through wood beams. Also attached to the structures, there would be bottles where the food would be stocked. We draw the pieces in AutoCAD and cut them with a machine in the FabLab. We made holes in the arch-like pieces so we can passed the others through there. Also, we joined the pieces with rope, so we can be sure they are well fixed.
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