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......@@ -14,9 +14,9 @@ Our project consists in a simple circular PVC structure that gives rigidity to t
The principal intention is to give the families the opportunity to save all the house objects they want to bring with them at the moment of the flood. But this structure is not just working as a place to save things, is allows people to grab the object and to have a reference point during the flood, a place to be "save" when the water has come.
![](D:\ARQUITECTURA\5è - ERASMUS\ATELIER - Digital Fabrication Studio 1\JURY\Web\floating-belt-master\img\P6.jpg)
![](D:\ARQUITECTURA\5è - ERASMUS\ATELIER - Digital Fabrication Studio 1\JURY\Web\floating-belt-master\img\P7.jpg)
When talking about saving these important objects, we achieve it in two different ways depending on the families belongings:
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