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......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ During the floods, 420 fishing boats were deployed. Which means that we will tar
## Story Board
![Image Scénario](img/scénario.jpg)
![Image Scénario](img/Scenario.jpg)
## Video
......@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@ Team: Alessandro Perlaux, Henri Bistuer, Thomas Goffinet
We embarked on the development of several light reflector using candles and aluminum foil. This reflector had to be fixed on the buildings or on the roof of the latter.
![Image Scénario](img/Lantern_Group/Haugimont1.png)
![Image Scénario](img/Haugimont1.png)
![Image Scénario](img/Lantern_Group/Haugimont.png)
![Image Scénario](img/Haugimont.png)
2. __Skype with Kerala__
......@@ -22,22 +22,22 @@ That's why our object must be between 30 and 40 meters high. They also brought a
3. __Fishermen__
![Image Scénario](img/Lantern_Group/Pecheurs.png)
![Image Scénario](img/Pecheurs.png)
We dwelt on the role of fishermen in the evacuation. By learning more about their role, we highlighted two stages in the evacuation process:
_Step 1_ : The fishermen leave their village by the roads with their boat. They load their boat on trucks until the city stricken
![Image Scénario](img/Lantern_Group/trajet.png)
![Image Scénario](img/trajet.png)
_Step 2_: They unload their boat and borrow as many paths as possible to reach houses to evacuate the inhabitants. Most of the time they damage their boat or they hurt themselves
![Image Scénario](img/Lantern_Group/Debarquement.png)
![Image Scénario](img/Debarquement.png)
4. __Work on the tag__
So we imagined a scenario in which fishermen would have a leading role in setting up the object. Indeed it is question at this stage to deploy a balloon filled with helium (or hydrogen).
We know that trucks carry fishing boats to the disaster areas. At this point, the kits would be distributed to the fishermen, then they would go on the streets to rescue the survivors. Fishermen would be responsible for deploying these beacons in safe places to indicate to the people in this perimeter the place to reach to be rescued quickly. But this balloon would also indicate to other fishermen where to go easily to avoid engaging in maneuvers that could damage their boat or hurt them. Evacuation would be simplified and more efficient.
![Image Scénario](img/Lantern_Group/scénario.jpg)
![Image Scénario](img/Scenario.jpg)
5. __Weather conditions in Kerala__
......@@ -46,21 +46,21 @@ We therefore know that our balloon must be able to withstand these gusts of wind
6. __Meeting with Awais Tayeb__
![Image Scénario](img/Lantern_Group/FAUAPS.png)
![Image Scénario](img/FAUAPS.png)
During our research we became aware that a young Brussels had thought of a similar project but only to serve the defense. The FAUAPS is an aerostat-type balloon of 5 meters in diameter, rising to 300 meters of altitude that can be seen up to 12 kilometers. This project will be used to communicate the medical centers or evacuation center. Awais Tayeb has allowed us to focus our research on aerostats and understand how they work.
![Image Scénario](img/Lantern_Group/Aerostatisrael.png)
![Image Scénario](img/Aerostatisrael.png)
7. __Helikites__
Our research led us to the Helikite. The principle of the Helikite is the following: Associate a kite with the Helium balloon to stabilize it during a violent wind.
![Image Scénario](img/Lantern_Group/Helikite1.png)
![Image Scénario](img/Helikite1.png)
Indeed, a simple Helium balloon of 0.16 cubic meters has a tensile capacity of 0.06kg without any wind. By adding this sail and with different climatic conditions (15mph of wind), the traction capacity of this triple balloon is equal to 0.180kg.
Given that in Kerala the winds can reach 31mph so we found it wise to dwell on this system of markers in the sky.
![Image Scénario](img/Lantern_Group/Helikite2.png)
![Image Scénario](img/Helikite2.png)
7. __First Prototypes__
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ Given that in Kerala the winds can reach 31mph so we found it wise to dwell on t
During big bursts of wind this prototypes could not stabilize anymore.
![Image Scénario](img/Lantern_Group/TEST.png)
![Image Scénario](img/TEST.png)
8. __Suite__
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