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......@@ -10,11 +10,8 @@ By Lucile Cau-Joindannes, Katarzyna Chlodek and Noel Lima
The first idea we had to help the situation in Kerala, was to create a floating community space on fisher boats so people could support each other during difficult times. We then realized, that creating this device would keep boats in place instead of helping others, which was not a good finality.
![sketch départ](img/sketch-départ.png)
![sketch 1](img/passerelle1.jpg)
| ![sketch départ](img/sketch-depart.png) | ![sketch 1](img/passerelle1.jpg) |
| --- | --- |
## Final idea
......@@ -30,13 +27,14 @@ To have more informations on buoys and how they work, we made some researches on
We decided to test a prototype of a wooden central part that would be laser cutted, superposed with tarpaulin that would make it waterproof and also with places to attach plastic bottles so it would float.
| ![fichier-découpe-1-bois](img/fichier-decoupe-1-bois.jpg) | ![47580983_368188457059779_2930469710912815104_n](img/etape1-essai1.jpg) | ![47683828_389601961777486_8295011849347268608_n](img/flotaison-essai1.jpg) |
| --- | --- | --- |
As it is easy to conclude, this prototype was not efficient at all, because of two main reasons. The first one is concerning its resistance; tarpaulin is waterproof, but does not resist to branches or any other remains that could be in the water. Therefore, if the tarpaulin is open, the wood is exposed and can be destroyed easily by the contact with water. The other reason is the fact that this prototype was long and complicated to assemble, with many steps that would waste too much time in Kerala. They needed something easy and quick to assemble to help as many people as people in the shorter period of time possible.
......@@ -60,7 +58,7 @@ After searching on Internet some information on the process. We found that the t
For the pre-jury we created a form that would make a bubble shape with the bottles, with many faces. The visibility procured by this shape was great, but the making would be way too difficult (mold) and would need a lot of plastic.
![boia-de-plastico-com-garrafas - copie](img/image-synthèse-p2.png)
![boia-de-plastico-com-garrafas - copie](img/image-synthese-p2.png)
After the comments, we decided to change the form for something more simple but still efficient for orientation. After this error, we decided to try the same experiment but with only cap plastic and a more appropriate wood that would more appropriate for the experiment.
......@@ -70,11 +68,11 @@ After the comments, we decided to change the form for something more simple but
We still thought about the different faces so the caps could be melted easily in the central part, but the top would be flat instead of 3D. In order to confirm that it would work, we experimented on the necessery distance to see clearly bottles. We also tested with the paint so we would have the complete effect.
#### Working the CNC machine
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