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**FINAL PROJECT: sewing machine group** 


*Team : Lucie, Ombeline and Karine*


Starting from an MDF wooden board, the goal is to create a low-tech and low-cost sewing machine that would work without electricity, from an open source file accessible for everyone. 

**Project summary :**

Textile crafts is a very old tradition in India, our project is established in respect of this culture. For several years, the emancipation of women in India has allowed them to participate in family income by sewing and selling there products. These women gather regularly in groups to share this activity.

The goal is to work in prevention to be able to deploy the project when people are moved into the camps. The idea is to create support groups with mutual assistance from the community in these difficult times.

Moreover, during the floods, there is a real materiel loss. Not only they lose their machines like looms or sewing machines, but they also need new clothes because most of them are torn, spoiled or wet.

Therefore, in a context where clothing is not guaranteed, this project gives the opportunity to people affected by a disaster, to reclaim traditional textile techniques like weaving and sewing. It also offers a way for women to stay occupied during those long months and make a living with their creations. 


**Storyboard :**

Furthermore, our project is principally for women, and children staying in the camps, while most of men are out to help. In this situation, camps become living places where everybody lost their habits.

**Manufacturing tutorial :**  

![manifacturing tutorial](/Users/ombeline/Desktop/manifacturing tutorial.jpg)

**Final prototype :** 

![final prototype sewing machine](/Users/ombeline/Desktop/final prototype sewing machine.png)